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 Feral Druid Application

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PostSubject: Feral Druid Application   Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:53 pm

Character information

Guild history:Gladiatorii, no more raids.

Reasons for applying to <Months Behind>: Like to be among friends:p and pve ftw Very Happy

Raiding experience:
Karazhen Cleared
ZA 1/6
Gruul Done

Consumables: That right

Cenarion Expedition:EXALTED
Lower City:Friendly
The Sha'tar:Honored
Keepers of Time: Honored

Karazhan:Yes i have but dont need now:((
Black Temple:No

Mount Hyjal: Nop

- Lady Vashj killed:Nop
- Kaelthas Sunstrider killed:Nop

Black Temple:

- Fathom-Lord Karathress killed:Nop
- Al'ar killed:Nop
- Rage Winterchill killed:Nop

Available play times: Always

Do you have any open applications to other guilds, if yes please state which guilds:

Friends in the guild:Glontz, Salizzor


Personal information: My name is Adrian, i'm from Romania, i have 17 years, i'm seriously man:p and i wanna join in Months Behind Very Happy

Character Profile:
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Feral Druid Application
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